Infinity on High
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About: So this is me starting anew.
The Ramblings

My head is full of ungodly thoughts.

Hello, Charms. :]

Start studying. Please. :)

That should stop you

This week has been a complete and utter bullshit.

MONDAY. Failing to pass the requirements for her boards.

TUESDAY.  Not getting any signatures for clearance.

WEDNESDAY. Not being able to keep my promises.

I seriously want to kill myself. I hate the pressure.

I cannot comprehend how thick people can be.

Putangina, Tumblr.

Ako ay mababang klase ng tao dahil nagmumura ako kapag nagagalit. Bow.


I am a worthless piece of crap. I don’t even how anyone can stand me. I am sorry for cluttering you up, world.

“Her eyes were the color of faraway love.” —Pablo Neruda, The Fable of the Mermaid and the Drunks (via fleurishes)

(via thewritershelpers)

“My heart is filled up to the rim. I’ll always find a way to understand you.”

You’re selfish and mean. And I hate you.

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